Author's production of organic Georgian tea

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Teanium community thoughts

The customers can & says more about our teas, than we do!
Alexey Belov“Tea Mail” Batumi

Thank you for a perfectly balanced green, a rarity among Georgia tea growers!

Alexander SogolaevWeb designer, model

It's probably my favourite black tea now, can't stop drinking it.

Dima ShchegolevTea technologist

This is the best Georgian tea I've ever tasted.

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Germany 🇩🇪
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Structure of Teanium

From seeds to farming innovations
Teanium Estate 56 hectares in the foothill area of Khoni, Imereti, Georgia
A high-tech factory with an author's zero-waste line products from tea leaves
Guest complex Teanium SPA will apear in 2025 on the territory of tea plantation Teanium

Teanium Estate 56 hectares

You can see exact Teanium teas harvest & infrastructure zones
Teanium SPA

Will apear in 2025

History & roadmap of Teanium

In the right place, at the right time, with the right people

Developing tea production and tending the plantations, supervised by the Government of Georgia


Cessation of the care of the plantations due to the industrial decline and the stagnation of the Soviet bloc


The plantation is transferred to the private management of Georgia Tea Champion. Deep pruning & rehabilitation of all tea bushes


Using the author's Teanium method to build the infrastructure for zero-waste organic tea production

Teanium - zero waste tea production

Teanium's core team

It's very small but important part of Teanium
Boris Mushkudiani

Boris Mushkudiani

Farm Manager & Caretaker