About us

Teanium is an up-and-coming brand of organic tea leaves. The Teanium team deeply respects Georgian traditions and views every guest as a STUMARI - a person believed to be sent by God himself. We are glad you are here, be our STUMARI

Distribution Terms

One Point. Quality is lost in quantity. Therefore, only one outlet in one city can represent the interests of Teanium.

Teanium tea outlets 🌏

Now you have opportunity to become a Teanium distributor in your city if it is not among the cities in the list below!
Germany 🇩🇪


Georgia 🇬🇪


Belarus 🇧🇾


Germany 🇩🇪
Georgia 🇬🇪
Belarus 🇧🇾

Teanium Contribution

We are focused on the core values and needs of our partners


Stability in production and supply is crucial in the tea industry, and Teanium is a dependable partner in this regard.


The Teanium team would be delighted to welcome and give a tour to anyone who wishes to visit our plantations and production facilities.


Teanium collaborates with a number of institutions and independent laboratories in various countries around the world. We are more interested than anyone else in obtaining an objective evaluation of the quality of our product.


At the Teanium plantation, we let nature produce a natural tea leaf, which we turn into something unique in the next steps! First of all, we focus on the biochemistry of tea.