Georgian GABA tea

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  • Time to experience a more refreshing sleep
  • Time to strength attention, focus & memory

GABA tea is a tea fermented in an anaerobic environment, without access to oxygen and retaining a higher dosage of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which sets it apart from all other teas.
GABA is the beverage that the Teanium team works hardest on. This is because the pure chemical composition of the tea is our priority.

How this GABA tea was made:

Teanium Author's technological process
*there was anaerobic fermentation


Harvested from Tkibuli tea garden on 2023 Village Dzirovani, Imereti, Georgia

Elevation of tea grown – 630 m.

Made in Georgia



1-5 days



Teanium community thoughts

The customers can & says more about our teas, than we do!
Andrey SimonovCEO "Tea Mail"

Your dark oolong is the kind of tea I'd travel 2000 kilometers on a donkey for if I had to. It's the first Georgian tea that doesn't require any 'discount' for its origin in evaluation.

Igor KadeevDJ & Producer

I wholeheartedly recommend everything that Teanium produces. My personal favorites are the white, green, and sheng teas.

Uli KaiserBusiness Manager

Teanium is a new star in the Premium tea sky, shining bright! I‘m tasting myself through the different styles and recommend everyone to try and experience the artisanal delicacies from Georgia.