Georgian ☼ white tea

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  •  Time to Slow the Aging Process of Skin & hair roots
  • Time to boost Anti-Inflammatory Effect in cells


We want to share with you the Georgian Teanium's white tea. Thanks to our fortunate geographical location, we are able to produce a tea packed with a pure chemical composition that will bring you to the so-called "tea state."

Our white tea is not just beverage, it’s an experience. So, if your’e looking for a high-quality tea that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, Teanium is the right choice for you.

How this sun dried white tea was made:

1. Plucked: bud + 2-3 leaves
2. Withered: indirect sun 6 hr
3. Withered: indoors 14 hr
4. Sun diered: two days
5. Dried: 2 hr 40°C

    Made in Georgia



    1-5 days



    Teanium community thoughts

    The customers can & says more about our teas, than we do!
    Andrey SimonovCEO "Tea Mail"

    Your dark oolong is the kind of tea I'd travel 2000 kilometers on a donkey for if I had to. It's the first Georgian tea that doesn't require any 'discount' for its origin in evaluation.

    Igor KadeevDJ & Producer

    I wholeheartedly recommend everything that Teanium produces. My personal favorites are the white, green, and sheng teas.

    Uli KaiserBusiness Manager

    Teanium is a new star in the Premium tea sky, shining bright! I‘m tasting myself through the different styles and recommend everyone to try and experience the artisanal delicacies from Georgia.